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E-Cycle Solutions for all electronic products

MRI is an Australian company with 20 years' experience in computer recycling and e-waste solutions. We are ISO 14001, AS/NZS 5377 and EPA accredited. We have a world class environmental focus, achieve best practice recycling outcomes and maximise returns to our clients and the environment. We specialise in recycling end-of-life computers, monitors, televisions and printers and batteries. If it plugs in or has batteries we can recycle it! Our EPA licensed processes achieve up to 98% diversion from landfill.

MRI PSO Dropzone Television and Computer Recycling

MRI PSO is the product stewardship arm of MRI E-Cycle Solutions. We are a Commonwealth Government-approved Co-regulatory Arrangement under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS). Funded by television and computer brands and importers, MRI PSO provides a nationwide public collection network known as "Dropzone". This is a free service to householders and small businesses. We do this in partnership with local councils, social enterprises, Officeworks and several waste management organisations. All television and computer waste collected is recycled to the highest environmental standards, in a safe and ethical way. We are committed meeting industry and community expectations and best practice e-waste recycling through robust stewardship solutions.

What we do

MRI offers a 'total service' approach to IT disposal: assets with potential for reuse are refurbished, and items of no value are recycled. Items recycled attract a small fee; those with value are awarded a rebate. The net result is that IT disposal can be much less expensive than expected, and sometimes even provides a real return to the client.

Asset Management

MRI can take care of everything from removal and recycling of old or obsolete equipment to installation of brand new hardware and software. We pay competitive prices for working computers that can be refurbished or sold, and operate an innovative refurbishment and marketing program. MRI also offers asset tracking and asset reporting, infallible data destruction and seamless 'out with the old, in with the new' asset deployment.

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